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2020 Prom Packages
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your guests are our only concern.

We don't play music, tend to the venue, or worry about anything other than entertaining your guests.


We have been busy learning about new features to offer your guests in 2020.
Here is a partial list of our options:

  • Hashtag Printing from a Kiosk with Your Own Template
  • Post GIFs and Videos to Facebook
  • Print Signing or Type a Note
  • Send Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram Files
  • Fun Lock Screens for Down Time
  • Bill Acceptors for Pay-per-Print Events
  • Simple Boomerang GIF Setup
  • For Business events we can Include Survey/Quiz Entries in Print Templates
  • Post VR 180 and 360 Images to Facebook
  • Auto Prompt Text Entry
  • Add Custom Template to Facebook Posts
  • For DIY Photo Booth Rentals the software can auto-crop images to better fill the picture frame.
  • Burst Mode/Boomerang with Green Screen Support
  • QR Code Support for Fun or Business Events
  • Custom Signs for the Prop Table
  • Books of pictures in PDF Output


  • Unlimited Prints
    Social Media (4x6 size)***
    Choice of background colors
    Stylish open air
    Make it enclosed for $50.
    You receive a digital copy of all pictures
    2x6 Print Size
$425 Three Hours
$375 Two Hours


  • Unlimited Prints
    Social Media (4x6 size)***
    Your guests can select their picture style. (A new feature.)
    Choice of backgrounds
    colors, patterns, green screen, metallic, burlap, and more
  • Stylish open air, enclosed, inflatables, or
    You receive a digital copy of all pictures
    Enhanced prop set
    Custom Signs
    2x6 Print Size
    Check out our Examples
$499 Three Hours
( Normally $525)
$450 Two Hours

Social Media

  • Does Not Print
  • Social Media (4x6 size)***
    Choice of Backgrounds
    Stylish Open Air
    You receive a digital copy of all pictures
    Smaller Prop Set
    Custom Signs

$ 300 Up to 5 Hours
$ 400 Saturday AM to Sunday PM

Special packages are for business events are available.
Learn More

DIY Rental

    You rent the equipment and run the booth.
  • Social Media (4x6 size)
    Background(Add $50)
    Stylish open air
    You receive a digital copy of all pictures
    Setup included when we are available.
  • ***** Learn More *****

$289With up to 200 pictures
5 hour rental

$225Social Media Only
5 Hour Rental

*** Many photo booths will send a copy of the picture that was printed. That is usually a 2x6 which does not display well on social media or print at home. Our social media is a 6x4 format which prints well and looks good when shared.

We are based in Wichita Kansas but we will travel anywhere in Kansas or Northern Oklahoma.


Special Discounts for Proms, Business Events, Non-Profit and Military, and Weekday Discounts

Some of our Photo Booths

Click Here to see some of Print Layout Examples

Mirror Booth
Mirror Booths are one of the newest photo booth trends. The animated graphics and interactive nature of a mirror creates a unique and fun experience for your guests.
Learn More About Our Mirror Booths

Mirror Booth

Inflatable wall
This 8 foot wide wall is lit with leds which can change color with the music and it looks especially colorful in a darker venue. To our knowledge we are the only company to have inflatables in the Wichita area.

Inflatable Photo Booth Background

Gifs - Another Option for fun
These gifs are also available in a movie format which is more friends to social media posting.

Gif Photo Example

Inflatable Photo Booth
This 8x8 booth inflates and has colorful lights which change with the music. It creates a fun party look in darker venues.

Enclosed Inflatable Photo Booth

Open Air or Enclosed Booth Styles
Our enclosure options include a variety of curtain colors. About 70% of our rentals are open air style booths

Photo Booth Styles

Space Saving Photo Booths
We have smaller booths available that require a 3x3 foot area and have as many options as full sized booths.
Our business version is good for trade shows and conventions.

Retro Photo Booth
If your event has a country or theme this booth has the look of an old style wooden photo booth. This booth is 6' tall and is a great option for an outside event.

Vintage Camera

unique vintage camera photo booth
This is one of our vintage camera photo booths. It is based upon a 1940s era camera. We have done everything we can to preserve the look of this historic camera.


Other Services Offered Through Art's Photography

Kansas Photo Booths is a part of Art's Photography.
We are an experienced photography studio with long time roots in the Wichita area.


  • Studio Portrait Services - We offer traditional studio services with formal and informal backgrounds. Our studio is located in Valley Center which is just North of Wichita Kansas.
  • Themed Portraits - Lighting is one of our specialties. If you have a vision for something unusual please share it. Very creative photo shoots may be discounted.
  • Environmental Portraits - Outdoor photography is very popular. We have our favorite Wichita locations as well as some in Derby and Newton.
    Product Photography - Professional Photography will help sell your product. We have special lighting, background materials, and lot of ideas.

  • Instant Portraits - Using the same technology as our photo booths we can take a picture and hand it to your guests in less than one minute.
  • Event Coverage - Sometimes you want a photographer to document an event. As photos are taken we can even send them to a slide show.
  • Group Photography - With our event photography printers we can print up to 8x12 photos within minutes of any group photograph.