Print Examples and Photo booth Pictures

6x2 Horizontal Booth Prinout
Horizontal photo booth pictures are available at no additional charge. These have the advantage of being more unique and the pictures are larger than the standard 2x6 format.

Square photos are an option as seen in this example. The square photo format works great for standup photo booths but is not recommended for weddings.


Charity Event using 6x2 format.
These are a great layout for a business event when you want to use the extra space for a coupon or promotional graphic for your business. We can produce a variety of layouts so people have a choice when they return to the booth or make it part of a scavenger hunt or event game.

For special promotions we can even create buttons and key-chains.

6x4 Holiday Layout
Booth photo designs can have a seasonal theme and can incorporate your own logo or designs from the event. If you have an idea or request please ask us..
Multiple Print Layout example for a Photo Booth
Give your guests more variety and fun by letting them select a different print layout as part of their session. For our deluxe package we will allow your guests to pick a 2x6 or 4x6 print size.

Charitable Event -  Great Bend
Facebook and Photo Booth Strip Green Screen Example

>We want your event to be special. When we work with you to design the printout from your photo booths we will do our best to make sure you are proud of what your guests receive. Our graphics library has hundreds of clipart pieces and when there is a unique theme to an event we will also design the screens that people see when they are operating the booth.

The Kansas Photo Booths Design Team

Sunset themed photo booth printColorful business photo booth picture
Photo Booth Picture using Larger Graphics and with three pictures.
Photo booth strip using wedding invitation
After-prom with four pictures
Simple four picture flagged theme photo booth picture
Musical themed photo booth strip
Business event photo booth layout
Business photo booth event with a pool theme
Colorful four picture photo booth strip
Fireworks themed photo booth picture
Prom photo booth using event logo
Four picture middle graphic photo booth sample
Sunflower photo booth picture
Rustic theme for those country events
3 picture layout for photo booth
4 picture themed photo booth layout
Creative Photo Booth Layouts
3 picture social media layout

4x6 photo layouts are becoming more popular as are layouts using the 2x8 format. We will work with you to create a layout which is unique to your event.

ornate 4 picture layout

To see even more examples of our picture examples please visit our Photo Layout gallery.
Photo Booth Pictures

The photo booth pictures can be a source of great party entertainment. Any television, phone, or computer with internet access can be used to display the photo booth slide-show.

Photo Booth Pictures

In the Wichita about 70% of our events are done open air. Outside of the Wichita area we find that most events are open air. An enclosed booth is a good choice when the reception area is very dark.

Photo Booth Pictures

This was a photo booth setup that we had at a GoWichita event. At this particular event we did not have a prop table. Note the monitor on the far side of the photo booth. This monitor displays a fun slide show of the images taken in the booth.

Photo Booth Sample - Green Screen

This is an example of a corporate event using green screen for a more unique background.

Sports Themed Picture
Sports Themed Picture
Twenties theme
Sports picture theme
Rustic Layout Wood or Burlap
Rustic theme
Fiesta Themed Layout

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