DIY Photo Booths

Do it yourself Photo Booth Solutions

A DIY photo booth rental will help your Tight budget

After prom photo booth Do-It-Yourself photo booth packages have both printing and non-printing photo booth options. We really recommend that if you want a printing photo booth you should rent a regular package because they come with an attendant. Our attendants are trained to interact with people in the booth, help them get positioned, and walk them through the Printing adds extra equipment and a printer to stock with paper and support.

Non-printing photo booths have great social media capabilities and for many people that is enough. If there is not a good WIFI connection at the event we can go online as soon as we get the booth back to our office. This simplifies the setup and makes it easier for you to run it.

All of our booths can run unattended. We do not feel that the picture quality is as good because no one is adjusting the camera to fill the frame and helping encourage people during the session. In addition to picture quality a printing DIY booth may mean that fun loving people will print the maximum number of prints and use all of your paper. In addition, eager fingers grabbing at pictures during printing can jam a printer and you can lose the printer for the night with a possible repair charge.

If you are considering an equipment only rental we have these suggestions to help make it a success:
* Have a volunteer stay with the booth. We will help train the person and be available by phone.
* Plan the location to be near the flow of traffic.
* Make sure that the DJ or MC reminds people where the booth is located.
* If possible, allow us to do the setup and pick up. Pickup may need to be the following day.
* Make sure that the person running the booth realizes that damages are the rentor's responsibility.

We have found that the DIY rentals are popular schools outside of the Wichita area. These proms and after-proms are often smaller than Wichita schools so a full service photo booth may be out of the budget. Regardless of where you are located we will work with you to help make sure the rental is a success. Please give us a call or email and we will see what we can do to work with you.