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To request a donation please use our contact form to tell us about your event and to check photo booth availability.

If we do not feel that we can donate a booth we may be able to offer one at a substantial discount.

The best thing to do is to contact us and let us see if we can help your charitable organization.



Fund Raising ideas for Photo Booths

Wichita Fund Raising EventHere are some ways that you can use a photo booth or take advantage of our event photography services to increase the success of your fund raising event.


Our photo booth event printers can print over 150 high quality prints per hour. The best way to kep traffic at the booth is to is to make sure that the master of ceremonies announces the photo booth and shows pictures to the crowd to encourage people to come to the booth and help raise money for the event.

If you combine the photo booth with other event photography services you will have even more options for fund raising. We can offer welcome prints at the door when people first come in. As soon as they leave the registration table their photograph will be printed and handed to them.

For more ideas please visit: www.artsphotography.com


Ask sponsors to help pay for the photo booth. The way this type of fund raising works is that we charge an hourly rate for the photo booth and a print cost at $1.50 a session. At the end of the evening the cost for the booth is subtracted from the sponsor amount and the balance goes to your charity.

One way that the charity can control the number of sessions is to use a ticket system where people receive a photo booth session with the registration packet and have the option of purchasing additional sessions as part of the benefit.

Guests will go through a photo booth multiple times. If you have multiple sponsors we will rotate the sponsor logos so that they appear randomly. If we have as slide show there we can also have their logos appear on the slide show.



Your guests can receive a free photo strip during the event.  The strips direct them to your online gallery where that can purchase duplicates of any image.  The profit helps fund your organization. In addition, this is also a way to take people to your website where you can provide thank yous and opportunites for additional fund raising.

Special Note: We believe that online sales are not as effective as other options because once people leave an event they are not as likely to think about additional copies. The best way to have additional sales is to encourage the purchase at the event. If you choose this approach we will work with you to help you setup a way to sell the prints at your event.



As part of your promotion you can tell people that every 25th person in the photo booth will receive a special gift. Our booth attendant will monitor the counter number and tell the winner and MC after their photo is printed. This becomes all part of the excitement building at the event and helps encourage people to use the photo booth. Our booth software supports various game modes where codes can be printed on the photographs.

Many Wichita area charities have found a photo booth to be the life of the party.



Successful Photo Booth Rentals for Charities


Other Event Photography Services

We are a division of Art's Photography. A full service studio offering event photography services with an emphasis on photo printing at the event.

Specials and Discounts

We offer military discounts and discounts to schools and charities. To see if your organizaiton qualifies please use our contact form.

Booth Planning

A photo booth for a wedding will be different than a graduation or birthday party.

We will work with you to custom design a package.