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Photo Booth at Wichitia VenueKansas Photo Booths is a division of Art's Photography.

We are a husband wife team who live just outside Wichita Kansas. They and their professional photo booth crews travel to cities such as Topeka, Emporia, Dodge City, Salina, Great Bend, and McPherson. We also travel to Oklahoma.

In 2009 they added photo booth rentals to their event photography services. If you have an event having the pictures taken and printed at the event will add excitement and your guests will have a lot of fun. To learn more please call 316-755-2787 or feel free to visit Wichita Event Photography.


Renting a photo booth is more than bringing technology to an event. Our staff is dedicated to making sure that your guest enjoy the photo booth and taking home quality photographs. These attendants are trained to interact with the master of ceremonies and DJs to make sure that your guests know that the booth is there and that they have an enjoyable experience.

If you are planning an event and don't feel there is room for a photo booth or where it would fit in the schedule please give us a call. We have a lot of experience and our booths are very flexible. Also, with our social media Kiosk we can go anywhere.


We also have a Kiosk style photo booth which will fit anywhere and gives your guest the ability to e-mail their pictures and post them on Facebook just like our regular photo booths. For more in



We selected our photo booth software so that we could have one of the best photo booths in Wichita Kansas.

Photo Booth Camera Selection

Some photo booths use web cams, others use point and shoots of various quality options, and others use larger DSLR type cameras.

We experimented with the webcams and found we did not like the quality. Web cams have come a long way and many produce decent images. Decent is not good enough for you. We also had problems with blurring. Another problem that we had was that the amount of light we had to have on our subjects tended to make the booth too bright and made it uncomfortable when people entered from a darkened room.


Most of our photo booths use Canon Powershot cameras. We have found that these cameras have been very reliable and we have produced 8x10 prints from our booths with these cameras which look great.


Custom Photo Booth Templates


Booth Flexibility

If have looked at our booth features pages you have already noted that our booths have a lot of options. No two weddings or parties are the same and we wanted to be able to be flexible.

That flexibility has allowed us to accommodate a wide range of event locations. We have been tucked in coat closets, parked in empty bed rooms, and sat up in gazebos.

We offer enclosed and open air photo booths with many size options so that we can fit in any space available. Both styles are popular, but we recommend enclosed booths for weddings and formal events.


Printer Choice

There are two basic types of printers in use by photo booths. The cheaper approach is to use ink-jet printers. Ink jet printers are great for your home but in an environment where hundred of pictures are printed in an evening these printers are not a good choice. In addition to reliability and speed these are also resistant to water.

Quality photo booth companies use dye sublimation printers. Quality versions of these printers are fast and have a low failure rate. Our printers have been dropped and one even survived a car wreck that totalled the car and they keep printing.

Once a photo booth session ends your print will start printing in 15-20 seconds after you exit the booth.


Photo booths are obviously based upon technology. Technology that is constantly plugged and unplugged and subjected to various environmental conditions can have a tendency to have more problems. It is for this reason that all of our photo booth crews carry additional cameras, power supplies, flash units, a full set of cables, and often have extra computers and printers with them.

Our goal is to make sure that a technology failure will not cause your guests to be deprived of the photo booth experience that you want.


Photo Booth Rentals in the Wichita Kansas Area


Other Event Photography Services

We are a division of Art's Photography. A full service studio offering event photography services with an emphasis on photo printing at the event.

Specials and Discounts

We offer military discounts and discounts to schools and charities. To see if your organizaiton qualifies please use our contact form.

Booth Planning

A photo booth for a wedding will be different than a graduation or birthday party.

We will work with you to custom design a package.